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Monday, 15 August 2011

To those who are planning to give natural birth: BREATHE

I read once that (can't remember where or when) in a village in Africa, women never have C-sections or lose their babies. When a scientist searched the reason for that she found out that in that village women are not allowed to tell their birth/pregnancy stories to anyone. Only one wise midwife is allowed to talk to women, or even give advice about sex and contraception. Well, I find this practice to be great! Why? When you get pregnant, everyone starts talking to you about all the negative stuff that they went through during / after their pregnancies. Everyone says "well, these are your best days, worse to come!"
Many times in my life, I said to myself that it is generally women to make women suffer. Why? Why tell the worst bits? Why?
Here is some positive information/clues from my experience:
Just relax for the best experience in your life! Every second it gets better!
Breathing from the diaphragm is very important
Make sure that your partner/friend/mum tells you that you need to breath in and out (cos you really forget when you have the pain)
I talked to Delfina in my own body all the time and I asked her to swim all the way down to come to my arms cos I said to her even though she was inside me, I missed her...
It works... Feeling love for your unborn and asking her to come and meet with her mummy and daddy...
In the hospital room, I asked Damien to remind me to breathe in and out. But he -not knowing how it is to feel the birth pain- told me to feel the breeze coming from the sea, the sun and the sky.. and what did I do? I shouted at him and told him just to remind me to breathe in and out (you really forget doing this when you face with the pain)...

Well, when Delfina came out of me, I felt like she really swam like a dolphin :)
In the UK, doctors told me that I could deliver normal birth, but not the doctors in Turkey (with all of the pre-existing health conditions) But it happened! The last doctor I went didn't oppose to normal birth (but she said she wouldn't risk my or my baby's health which implied that any time she could take me to C-section). Well I pushed hard (no epidural), started at 12.30 am until 10.42am in the morning. After she came out of me, I said 'thank you' to my doctor and my doctor said 'if you hadn't tried that hard, it wouldn't have been possible to give natural birth, thank you!' :) I think anything natural is just great :) 
Birth has been the greatest trauma that I've ever experienced in my life. It is a miracle and no matter what we do, the result is not in our hands. We-women- might get a natural birth or a C-section. The important thing is the result. I really pray for all the women in the world... The UN has a project. You can help women without any support (partner/family or income) by donating online at:
Not everyone is lucky enough to support themselves while breastfeeding or feed their own babies.

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