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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Finally: Delfi started crawling!

Damien kept on nagging at me saying "why don't you try finding a play group in Istanbul?" and I kept on saying "things don't work the same with the UK in Turkey! No way can I find one online. Here people play in the neighbourhood and with their relatives." Well, first of all I found a gmail group called breastfeeding mothers group (Emziren Anneler Grubu). After deciding that Delfi really needs a play group, I emailed the group and today we met with some other mothers and their babies, with similar ages with Delfina, in Taksim Park (at a park in a very central part of Istanbul). It was really nice to meet other mothers and share our stories/experience. Afterwards, I met another friend (Aunty Samira) and then we came home around 9pm. and the very moment I put Delfina on the carpet she started CRAWLING!!!!! Unbelievable!!!! Which is to say that playgroup works!!!! Kids learn by observing and sharing!!! Hurray! (Well, I just hope that the crawling of your baby is a good thing. Hope she will be a good girl and won't make a messy house!)

Li'l Ayse trying to feed Delfi :)


  1. Congrats :)) very good news!

    Well I have to say it, Delfi is the most elegant of her friends, very cute summer dress ;-)

  2. Bu n güzel bir deneyim:)))Bayıldım buna..İşte bu tam bir "Vygotsky" örneği( kendisi sosyal öğrenme kuramcısı) :=0 kocaman öpüyorumm. Tebrikler ve salamlar..


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