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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Sleepless Summer Nights

the sleeping beauty in Bodrum yacht trip - of course sleeping!
Delfina is more than 9 months now and she keeps on waking up  throughout the night. Sometimes I say I have no energy to wake up and feed her again, but life goes on...
Being a mother is such a wonderful feeling yet such a hard thing to be!
I really miss sleeping. I can't remember anything anymore; why? cos my brain can't rest and have enough sleep.
I found a caricature about this from the breastfeeding mothers group:

While looking at this caricature, I couldn't stop smiling cos I really experience this everyday myself..
Well, I guess I just should be thankful to have such a lovely baby and shut up. But we are a bit concerned about her well-being with many interruptions during a night. If anyone has a miraculous way to put babies to sleep without breastfeeding, please let us know. It will be highly appreciated :)

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  1. Sympathy... I remember this as very hard work.

    I don't think there is a miracle substitute for milk :(

    Are you co-sleeping? We never did as K was a stellar sleeper until 6 months and then appalling until about 10-11 months (allergy related, I think). And at 6 months old she wouldn't settle in our bed for love or money, she would crawl all over and shriek happily at everyone.

    What we did (starting when she was about ten months) was refuse milk until a set time at night - starting off at 4am - and richard (it had to be him as she could smell the milk on me) went to settle her when she woke, by any way possible, rocking, sleeping beside her on the floor, 99 bottles of beer song, offering water... you name it.

    It did work, she still woke often, but didn't expect milk and settled back far more easily. Wasn't easy though. Oh... and she has slept through since about 11 months, bar a short spell when I stopped feeding altogether at 16 months and she was on Pepti Jr in food which didn't agree with her...

    Also heard good things about the no-cry sleep solution book?



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