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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Istanbul !!!

I love Istanbul!
Which city in the world you can travel on a ferry for 50 mins and just pay 60 pence and have an awesome view of Golden Horn at sunset?
In this city, even if you have enough money to buy a semi-detached house with a garden and garage in the UK, with the same amount of money you cannot find a simple flat without a garden or garage!
Which city you can be in love with and hate at the same time?
Which city in the world makes you happy just with its sun, sea, sky, seagulls, maiden's tower?
In how many cities in the world the waiters complain when you don't leave any tip after a costly lunch?
In how many cities can you find exactly the same hat for 5 TL and 50 TL on the same day!
In how many cities in the world can it take 2 hours to go a distance, and 10 minutes?
This city is full of surprises, full of stories.. 
I hated Istanbul for the first two of my student years and then fell in love with this city. 
Afterwards, I moved abroad but whenever I came to visit Istanbul and tried to leave it again he washed his face with his tears...
What you have and what you can get can change in a second. This is Istanbul. You just need to expect unexpected stories here..

I enjoyed Istanbul as a student. I am enjoying Istanbul as a mother. It has its ups and downs. Sometimes I just sit and cry. Sometimes I feel my heart is fluttering with happiness.
When I used to live in Istanbul, I used to write a lot, be engaged with arts a lot. For some reason, I could not write for many years. Now I cannot do anything but write or share...
Istanbul, you are in my lungs! I am breathing with you! 

PS. Ironically, this is the city I had asthma in after I moved to it.

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