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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Delfina's first Ice-cream

Chinese mango & strawberry ice cream

Before Delfi ate the ice-cream
Right after she tried :)

We normally don't give any sweet stuff to Delfina. We think that sugar is a kind of drug and not necessarily good. 

After the shock of ice
At the moment, we're in Singapore. The weather is in general really hot and we keep on sweating. We went to a traditional Chinese sweet shop yesterday in Chinatown and tried mango-strawberry ice-cream. I gave some mango and berries to Delfina from the ice-cream plate and a bit of ice-cream cos she was very sweaty and it was a very hot day and she was coping with it very well. She tried it and she did not liked it [see picture above]!!! Well, I don't think we will give her any sweets for a while but she tried it for the first time yesterday in Singapore :)

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