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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Soles and Souls

Almost two weeks ago, I had an unfortunate traffic accident. A car ran over my ankle while I was trying to push the pram over the pavement. Well, I've been sitting on my bum for the last 12 days. Delfina felt that something was wrong and she has been acting a wee strange. She is only 11 months, yet she is fully aware of what is going on around her. Actually, the day she was born, I couldn't believe my eyes, because she was following nurses who kept on coming in and out of the room. I used to think that babies even did not open their eyes for a week after they were born! Delfina Ada was fully aware of what was going on around her from her very first day. I also remember the moment that I touched her soles for the first time. It was the softest thing ever! A sole that never touched earth, a soul that never felt earth...

We went to the hospital yesterday and the doctor told me that my foot recovered but it might take another 10 days for me before I start walking properly. Now when I touch my sole, I feel that it is softer than normal. 

My parents recently visited us, and this encouraged Delfina to walk or at least stand on her own. She has been trying to stand on her own without touching anywhere, or at least by holding a corner of the couch. And I have been doing the same thing! I am trying to stand on my own, stand on my feet!
So we are trying to manage precisely the same thing! 

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