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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Happy birth-giving day to me

Last year today I gave birth to my gorgeous Delfina..

And today I came to the realisation that with every birthday of my li'l Delfina, she will get away from the core circle (i.e. me) and introduce new circles to her life.
What do I mean? She was physically connected to me last year today. But by the noon of today last year, the cord connecting her to me was cut. From that moment on, she has kept on  becoming a free individual... It is wonderful to see her grow up and become more independent standing on her own feet (both literally and verbally). 
Aunty Emel and her cuzzies at Delfi's first birthday party in Izmir
introducing new circles..
By today last year, she was no longer physically attached to me. There is not a visible cord anymore. No hold on, actually she is still attached to me. She's connected through breastfeeding... Her food is coming through me.
The daughter-mother relationship is like circles.
Babies grow up and find other circles but
the relationship with the mother always stay at the core.
Alas, I am sadly aware that with every passing year she will be more independent and she will be more social and from the little circle of life she started with, she will discover more circles. However, no matter what happens, even though the first cord was cut, we are connected. She will discover more circles but the circle of our relationship will always stay at the core, only with love love love.

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