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Monday, 12 September 2011

Life is passing very quickly!

Life is passing very quickly..
Delfina is growing up very quickly...
You know how in the movie Matrix, whenever they want to learn a new skill, they just sit on a chair and download the programme to the guy's brain and the next second you know the guy speaks French, does Java programming etc.. This is how life is for Delfina at the moment.
Yesterday she started saying 'ba ba ba ba' (Baba means 'father' in Turkish), today she turned the 'b' sound into 'v'.
Moreover, today she was in her bath playing with her toys in the conservatory. I was madly tidying the house, baking muffins, putting the laundry on. And I kept on appearing to her once every 30 seconds and waving at her or sending her a kiss. She waved at me today as well but I thought maybe it was a coincidence. Then we had a lovely day with my first friend from primary school, who turned out to have come from a 6 month study exchange for her PhD in Scotland. And before I put Delfi to sleep and after she ate her nice night porridge, I took her to Damien so that she can say 'good night dad' and guess what she waved at her daddy!!!! Well, this girl looks like her dad, she says 'dad' as her first word and now she waves at him!!! Shakespeare was right to have son & mother, daughter & father relationship themes most of the time. Girls love their daddys!!!

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