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Sunday, 11 September 2011

I am not useless!

Some women are restless. I am a restless woman.
I need to produce; I need to feel useful all the time!

Actually, this whole psychology is a very tiring one.
The same thing happened to my sister and to me as well after we became mothers.
My tiling works so far
with some friends from the tiling course
We suddenly panicked about not being  productive again. The weeks after you feel like you're almost recovered from giving birth are in a way depressing (here I am not talking about post-natal depression). Well, at least it was for me because I needed to feel productive straight away. So learning how to make Turkish tiles and starting to work as a freelance translator were awesome for me and still are. Yes, I am home with Delfi (well, we are not 'home' all the time, we keep on having fun and going out) and I do not work full-time which is a bit worrying for a future career, but I do not care! Life is good with tiles, translation and of course Miss Delfi who is the most important person in my life! :) My tiling course is on holiday and it will re-start around October. It is really great to go there (just two streets down from our house) and chill out for two hours, chat with my friends there (really lovely people) and engage with art! I could not produce much at the course. Cos a) I couldn't go there for months b) tiling is a delicate operation particularly for new learners, it takes time and I only can do it for two hours in a week.

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