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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Have faith in what you eat.

Delfi eating her banana
with all of her positivism, taste and life energy :)

I feel really helpless.
I want to give the best of everything to my baby. But it is not always that easy.
I am absolutely paranoid about food, clothes, dyes, chimney smoke, cars' exhaust, basically everything in a city life...
As a person who suffered from lots of health problems from early babyhood days, I want a healthy family.
I don't want to give anything to my baby that might cause health problems for her.
If I could, I would move to a village house and grow my own veggies; stay away from traffic, smoke etc; get my milk from my goat; have my eggs from my chickens; have my own compost and more importantly play in mud with Delfina.
Well, the reality is different. I cannot produce my own veggies, I have to buy them. I don't know where they come from, who grow them (reference to Marx's 'theory of alienation'), whether or not they are genetically modified and so on.
I and my baby inhale exhausts from the cars on our way to the sea.
I don't have any chickens or a goat :( [But God knows it makes me so happy to buy free range eggs!]
I have to throw my organic food leftovers. [I can only recycle paper, metal and plastics.]
Delfi and I can't play in mud. [But everyday we fill her tiny bath with some water and she splashes water everywhere freely and plays with her toys/cups. Well, that makes me feel a bit guilty as well. Clean water sources in the world are decreasing every single day. On the other hand, the weather is so hot that she needs to freshen herself.]
Anyways, where were we?
Organic food is not cheap in Turkey. I tried to go to the 'organic bazaar' in Sisli last month. Well, it is very nice there but I think that travelling to Sisli and back and inhaling all the petrol fumes beat the purpose and it took our whole day to go there, to do the shopping, to eat lunch, to wait for the bus and come back. And I should say it wasn't pleasant to do so. I have been looking for some online shops that deliver organic food; I found one local grocer in Arnavutkoy who even delivers veggies to your door, but for some reason they make me feel like they sell 'normal' veggies with 'organic food' prices. There are more online shops that deliver organic food but they are very pricey and I have to pay for the postage as well :(
I discovered that Migros and BIM supermarkets sell veggies and fruits with some 'agriculture codes' on them that you can use to track the producer of the product and they guarantee that the products were tested in labs and they do not contain high levels of chemicals that might be threat to human health. But they still have chemicals in them. Yet they are affordable and easy to access cos we have two of those shops nearby. 
Even though I am Turkish, I have to discover  everything and re-learn how to live in Turkey again! Apparently, things do change in 7 years!
I don't know how many of you heard about the 'food intolerance test' but there is a test in which they tell you which food you have intolerance to. A couple of days ago, I saw a really good deal to have that test but I did not want to have it even though I know that I have lots of food allergies/intolerance.
The reason for this is easy and philosophical. I believe that brain power is more influential than we think. When I eat my food, no matter what it is I should say that that food is there for me and it will increase my well-being if I eat it. Because that food will become a part of a 'human' soon (Am I overvaluing what it means to be a human?). I am precious. That food is precious. And together we will enhance our preciousness. So, possibly knowing which foods you have intolerance to would make you send negative thoughts, vibes, and energies to the food that you eat. And possibly that food would have a worse effect on you than it would normally do. (I have friends and relatives who had the test, ignored the food that they have intolerance to but after a while they started eating those food again!)
I believe that our brain power is really vital! We should eat thinking that that food will be good for us. But on the other hand, it's priceless to eat food that you believe in. I wish I had an easy access to organic, GMO-free and healthy food... I feel helpless... I am open to any constructive and positive suggestions.
I want to eat my food without worries as Delfi does in the photo. She loves what she eats and that food adds 'existence' to her life. She creates her body with the pleasure of everything that penetrates into her body (Well, this sentence can be interpreted in a different meaning by one of my lecturers from Istanbul University!)
I want to eat my food like Delfina: care-free
but on the other hand, I want her food to be chemical-free, inorganic stuff-free.
God help me (the last sentence is added because it rhymes with the previous one :))

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