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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A papier-mache Easter egg

Delfi making her Easter egg
It's time to prepare Easter Eggs!
Delfina and I made a giant Easter egg using
  • a balloon, 
  • one cup of flour, 
  • two cups of water,
  • lots of strips from magazines and newspapers.
Delfi's giant papier-mache Easter egg

Just blow up a balloon, cut magazine paper into strips, dip the strips into the glue mixture [water and flour] and then smooth them on the balloon. Then, let it dry.
It's fun and a great play time activity.
We did not need to paint it 'cos I thought it looked cool ;)


Balondan papier-mache tekniği kullanarak lamba yaptık. Oyun Evim TV'de izlemek için, lütfen tıklayın:

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