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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Delfina's second birthday and reflections

Delfina is a two year old girl nowadays.. 
She's grown 40cm taller and she put on almost 11 kilos after she was born.  
It was a busy two years really...

mother & daughter
She had to learn how to eat, walk, talk, climb, run, make jokes, play, learn rules such as 'don't poke a carrot into daddy's eyes', deal with human relations, how to share, etc.
She travelled to Singapore, New Zealand, Spain and she is a wonderful travelmate. 
She moved house. She started to sleep on her own in her own bedroom.
She learnt that actually she could poo and pee in the toilet instead of her nappy, but only if she wants! 
She's a cute, smiley, beautiful, gorgeous baby. 
When mummy cries, she knows how to console her by saying 'annee?' which means mummy in Turkish and by giving hugs and kisses to mummy.. 
She loves to read books. She loves to listen to the Wiggles and songs of Peppe [a Turkish cartoon character] and watch Baby Einstein. 
She tries to sommersault with the help of her parents. She is a lovely playmate... Her laugh is gorgeous.
 When she tries to attract the attention of strangers, she simply shows them her tummy and belly button :) 
She is into computers like her dad is. She destroyed various parts of her mummy's puter successfully many times. She is quite good at puzzles and she loves her baby dolls.
She is the cutest when she says: 'more?' meaning to say 'would you like another cup of tea, darling?' :) 
She suddenly starts crying in the playground after spending two hours there the very moment she gets hungry and her mummy straightaway puts her to the pram and gives her a banana and that very moment she is as happy as anything. 

Delfi breastfeeding
in Alhambra, Cordoba, Spain
She is very observant: she keeps on finding people's glasses, cell phones, bags and brings them to the person they belong to.
She loves feeding the birds. 
She knows the roads, she tells mummy which way to go sometimes. 
She is a very confident young lady. 
She can count without using the actual words. She is very musical, she follows the tune.
Just before she turned two, she became familiar with the world of saying 'no'. Everything can be a no when it means yes :)
She used to eat any kind of veggy, but now she is a teenager who loves pasta, rice and ketchup [additives and colouring free] ;)
She adores breastfeeding, and her mother is so happy that she could breastfeed for two years despite various health related problems. 
Delfina Ada is very much loved by people around her and she is a bundle of joy and happiness...
She penetrated into the lives of her parents very surprisingly but became the best surprise ever... I -as a mother- am so thankful for every second I am having with her and for her existence...
Happy birthday, my gorgeous girl...
May you shine in our lives ever...
Here is a cool and an interesting anecdote:

Delfina the chick

Delfina's grandfather ('pop' as she calls him) incubated 7 eggs from his chooks. He named each egg on one side kya, delfina, alana, shayla [his granddaughters], dania [his daughter], averil [wife] & one late egg which he named "late egg". He put a cross on the other side of each egg (apparently you have to turn them 3 times a day). Only one hatched unfortunately but here's a small but interesting coincidence. The delfina egg was the only one to hatch & it hatched on her birthday! 

May my love for you protect you from evil and badness forever 
and may you be safe and full of life energy...
I love you my li'l chick...

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  1. Esra'cim Delfi'nin dogumugununu bir kez daha kutlarim. Bir surpriz yapacaktim ama olmadi maalesef bir turlu :( Bununla beraber, musait oldugunda diger bloglarindan da hayatin ve senin enteresan ve zeki yazilarini takip etmeyi arzu ediyorum. Cunku cok buyuk zevkle okuyorum butun yazilarini :)) Ekin


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