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Thursday, 8 December 2011

magical tray and Delfi's future job

Delfi with her cuzzies celebrating her teeth :)
Delfi partying
Turks love to celebrate anything! We just need a reason and it always proceeds with a ceremony. There are so many traditions / celebrations regarding babies. One of them is to celebrate a baby's new tooth. After your baby's first tooth arrives, the person who found the new tooth needs to buy from head to toe new clothes. And guests are invited, a special wheat dish is cooked, guests dance and have a fun. And then a tray is prepared. Various items, which represent different occupations, are put on the tray. And you hold your baby and s/he needs to pick up one of the items there. Whatever the baby chooses, Turks believe - for the fun of it - that the baby's future profession will be related to the item s/he picks.

Magical tray that sorts your future profession
Yummy cakes that Aunty Emel baked
for Delfi
Miss Delfina Ada had her first teeth (she always receives her teeth in pairs at the same time) when she was six months old. I thought we should have her tooth ceremony in Izmir where my family and relatives live. So I kept on delaying it and last time I was in Izmir, I finally managed to organise the ceremony but along with her birthday party. A nice cake, lots of cookies and savouries were cooked. On the tray, I put a mouse [representing her father's occupation],  a whisk [in case she wants to be a chef], a calculator [to calculate her wealth as a rich business woman], a book [about Einstein's relativity! in case she wants to be a teacher / academic / scientist etc.], a Quran [in case she becomes a theologian as her grandmother desires for all of her grandkids, even tough this wish never comes through], scissors [representing surgeons, tailors], a golden bracelet [in case she becomes a goldsmith or a princess with lots of jewellery], a flute, and a painting brush. Actually I intended to put a pen on the tray but in a rush I must have forgotten about it. Well, my gorgeous girl picked up the flute and then the painting brush. I don't know whether or not she will be an artist, but I love her. She decided to come to this world when I was working at Birmingham Conservatoire and when I was 8 months pregnant to her, I started to learn how to make Turkish tiles. I don't know if her preferences from the tray are related to what I did during my pregnancy [of course not! :) ] or if she will really be an artist or not. I don't care I just like the poetry in the whole thing :) 
I love my daughter and I know that whatever she does, she will do it right and she is a wonderful daughter who sprinkles her light which makes people happy. Everyone comments on her sociability and her positive energy that makes everyone smile for no reason. 
Delfi right after she picked up her flute

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