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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Ortakoy: the Middle Village of Istanbul

Moving to Ortakoy, Istanbul was a kind of random decision for us. We needed a place near the sea, not far from Damien's university and with easy access to other places. I was 8 months pregnant and we needed to find a flat ASAP in case I delivered earlier than expected. Here we are! We live 3 mins away from this view. Unlike England, there are heaps of small businesses, shops around our house such as bakeries (3 of them in one minute walking distance), pharmacies, small markets, dairy sellers, various repair shops, art galleries etc. Even we have a ferry station in Ortakoy! So, dear friends do come and visit us in Ortakoy ;)
I moved three times in Izmir, five times in Istanbul during my university years, two times in Seoul, four times in Birmingham. But this was the hardest of all. Moving from one country to another when you are 8 months pregnant is not a wise thing at all. I had to sort out everything in the UK (bank, farewell to friends, address changes, getting rid of our belongings there, shipping etc) and find a flat, decorate it and meanwhile find a doctor, a hospital to give birth and sort out cot, pram etc.Thank God the hardest bit is over!
Charles and Katrina visited us from Birmingham, and now they are on their way to Australia for good. It was awesome to see great friends again and show where we live. Sad how quickly time / life passes... Delfi is already 7 months!

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